The morning routine - Sheryl Caswell

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The morning routine

The morning routine - Sheryl Caswell

My morning routine rarely changes. Or never did until today. Usually when I wake up I go to the kitchen, make my coffee, prepare breakfast for my husband and my son. I read the newspapers online while their food is cooking. Then I set the table for us, and when everything is ready, I go wake them up.

My husband does not need more than two minutes to wake up, wash his face, brush his teeth and come downstairs for breakfast. On the other hand, waking up my little prince requires more than fifteen minutes. He is only three years old and still needs assistance. Thus, I am taking him to the washroom, give him a quick wash and help him get dressed. He is not a morning person. Usually he continues to be grumpy until he finishes his cup of warm milk with Milo. Once the milk is done, then only he starts smiling. 

Sometimes when he is in a good mood, he starts running while I am trying to get him dressed. I have to chase him around the house in order to put some clothes on. Everything is a game for my little boy. I do not get upset when he does such things. I am thrilled he is healthy and that he fills our house with joy. 

After praying for years and years, when I was finally blessed with a child, I promised myself that I would not turn into a bitter parent and start making a fuss for small little things. Children are children. They are small only for a little period of time, when they need us and want us . I enjoy being in the center of his little universe. Kids need to play, run and have fun. It is a necessary step in their development. This age won’t last forever. 

Today it was my husband’s turn to be late at breakfast. He got a call from work and continued to talk on the phone for almost a half an hour. He was saying something about a corporate event room rental Montreal. Obviously that little S. was delighted by the fact he was first at the table, and dad was still missing. 

Because hubby was still on the phone, he could not take S. to the daycare. I had to take him. That prevented me from having my regular Skype call with my mother. I tried texting her to let her know I would be late for our call, but I guess she did not get my message. When I got back home, the entire kitchen was a mess. My husband forgot to let the cats out and they helped themselves with whatever was left on the table.